Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Medical Chi Gong Seminars

Whether you need a one hour seminar or a three day get away training seminar we can provide you an amazing experience. We can accomodate any size group.

Learn to use meditation, Tai Chi or Qi Gong to clear your mind of any clutter and rejuvenate your body. Powerful and informative lectures can be included with  physical movements.

Individual lectures on Eastern health philosophies based on the Five Elements theories.

  This would be a mind and body group experience you will always remember!


Leadership - Communication - Mindset

Experience these subjects in a new and beneficial way with John Calabrese.

Give us a call and create a specially crafted talk or seminar for your group or company.


Invest in yourself and your people

Investing in yourself and your people is the most powerful thing you can do to empower your group or company to move forward.